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In 2007 Mike and his wife Susan (she loves to travel) went to The Netherlands to ride bicycles out to the tulip fields and to Switzerland to visit the SAK factories of Wenger in Delemont and Victorinox in Ibach. For four years Mike then worked on research, writing, photographing, and making drawings. This book is the result.

The Swiss Army Knife Owner's Manual is a 223-page paperback, with 96 color photographs. An SAK with knapped glass blades? It's in there. A mini-crossbow made from a Swiss Army knife? This too. The chapter on repairs and modifications shows how to replace a scissor-spring and how to straighten a bent corkscrew, among other skills. In a chapter about improvisations is information on using the fishscaler as a range finder, the Phillips driver as a soldering iron, the can opener as a lifter of hot cans from the campfire...

The contents of a practical survival kit, proper use of the SAK's excellent saw blade, even how to remove a stripped screw -- some might say there is Too Much Information in this book. But there is nothing else like it out there, and the author felt it was best to be thorough in both depth and extent. Just about everything you might want to know about the Swiss knife is in the book, from the history of the companies and the history of the tools and models, to some amazing stories of lives saved with the knife. If it is not in there, and should be, the author asks you to write to mak.young@yahoo.com with new facts, unusual uses, or true stories.

The book has been shipped to SAK fans in 40 states and 23 countries!

(Note: all submissions become the property of Michael Young.)


1. The knife - a sharp tool; Victorinox and Wenger page 9
2. Switzerland - Europe's heart 21
3. Materials and manufacture 27
4. The Soldier and the Officer 37
5. The knives 58
6. Use and care 93
7. Comparing manufacturers 116
8. Improvised and unexpected uses 150
9. Repairs and modifications 176
10. Accessories 200
11. True stories 206
Bibliography and sources 220

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"It is a fantastic book!"
Carl Elsener, CEO of Victorinox


"Witty and Practical"
Bill Porter, Denver Post
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